About me

To all my Submissive's or just those who want to explore.... 


The only way to get rid of a temptation is to "submit" to it.


Not only do I love what I do, but I understand.  For some its a lifestyle, for others, its a secret kept hidden away and not talked about.  If your one of these individuals, I'm here with open arms and acceptance


If you're a heterosexual male male experiencing unexplained depression anxiety or even feelings of anger towards your partner you might consider trying BDSM. I know for some, you've had thoughts if the idea once or twice. But because of the stereotype behind it, you become nervous, or frankly felt like a freakin had no idea where to even begin. Good news is, you're not a freak, but actually very normal.


I believe in what I do very much and want to belong trusting relationships with those who haven't been able to find a special someone back give them this fulfillment and the release there so desperately seeking, with no success and bed experience.


No matter what kind of man you are...         

I will satisfy your desire to submit and serve.




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